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Welcome to Reunion Park

by John F Mann

This site is focused on history of the extended family of John Edward Mann and Noel Lee (Kramer) Mann, both originally from Staten Island (New York City), New York.

See "Introduction / Family Names" for partial list of surnames included in the extended family tree.

August 2020...........Noel Lee Mann departed this earth, nearly reaching age 90. Her joy for life is missed by this writer, her four daughters and extended family members. Further information to follow. 

May 8, 2017......After very long struggle with the effects of diabetes, John Edward Mann passed away at age 86. He is missed by this writer and family. See these links for obituaries in Princeton Packet & Staten Island Advance;

In recent months, the most frequent visitors have been from Heythuysen, Netherlands, as well as other locations in the Netherlands such as Group and Amsterdam. We are guessing that many of these visitors are interested in the Clinckett family history since some Clincketts (with various spellings such as Clynkutt) migrated from England to the Netherlands as far back as the 1500s. For those from the Netherlands, please consider sending in questions and basic information about the Clinckett family.

December 2011 - Extensive family tree has been developed on ("Mann / Kramer Family"). Members of can view the tree, which now includes more than 3,500 persons along with numerous reference documents. Otherwise, please send an email request to If you might like a printout of a portion of the tree, including your immediate family over several generations, please send email for further information.

November 2011 - New section on Davey family added.

October 2011 - New section on Corey family added.

*** John Henry Schanne was born on November 9, 2011 at the new hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey. Christening was January 8, 2012 in Haddonfield, NJ. Mom Julia K Schanne, daughter of this reporter, teaches high school in New Jersey. Dad John H Schanne is an attorney in Wilmington, Delaware.

History of the Kramer family has been taken back to 1811 in Prussia (now Germany). Trail of the Clinckett clan of Barbados has been discovered as far back as 1605 in England.

Early history of the Mann branch is on tap, starting from 1690 in Bavaria (now Germany). History in America is progressing.

Other family branches are taken back to the 1600s and even to the 1400s in England.

We welcome and encourage contributions (especially photos!) as well as any suggestions for corrections. Please send email messages to

Visitors have flown in from all corners of the world (see Guest Book). Please submit a comment or question.​

September / 2011 - After 27 years in Princeton NJ, Jack & Noel Mann are on the move........not far Monroe NJ (closer to golf course!).

August / 2011 - For many months now, numerous visitors have been showing up from China. Most are listed as being from Beijing, though several other locations show up as well. Just in the past few days, a new wave from Putian, China has arrived. It is of great interest to learn just who from China is visiting the site considering the lack of obvious family connection. However, my grandmother did enjoy tweaking sensibilities by hinting at a possible Chinese "influence" shall we say, acquired in Barbados. Please consider filling out a contact form or sending an email!

September / 2010 - Added two genealogical paths for Dorothy Eveline Clinckett

July / 2010 - We recently received an interesting message about photographs taken by Jacob Kramer (born 1852) during his army career. See photo near end of "Kramer Family in US".

Noel Mann and John E "Jack" Mann, at home in Princeton, NJ (November 2008) with newly framed group photo from the 1989 reunion in Hamilton, New Jersey. The occasion was their 57th anniversary.

If you would like a digital copy of the 1989 group photo, please contact us.

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