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Corey Family In US

by John F Mann (as of 10-9-2011)

based on history by John E Mann

John E "Jack" Mann has developed basic historical information back to the early 1800s. Link between Mann and Corey families is noted below; there is a quiz later to see if you know what year ;-)


Bernard Cory and Elizabeth Fallon

William James Corey and Mary Jane Smith

William J Corey Jr and Emma Annie O'Connor

Martha R Corey and William H Schmohl

Susan R Corey

John Roger Corey

Mark L Corey and Louise E Nadler

James Augustus Corey and Dorothea Magdelana Mann

Joseph J Corey and Ruth ( ) Corey

Joseph J Corey and Estelle Kali

Thomas Vincent Corey and Claire Fitzgerald

Anna Loretta Corey and Walter C Keyes

Extended families of those listed above are also noted.

Bernard Cory and Elizabeth Fallon

Family members sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to America used "Cory" as spelling of their surname, which was later changed to Corey. However, as noted below, timing of the spelling change may have been gradual.

Bernard Cory migrated from Ireland, arriving in New York City in 1847 at age 19. Download the following to see summary information, including listing of children for Bernard and Elizabeth Cory (maiden name Fallon).

Birth data for Elizabeth is not available. In the 1860 US Census she is listed as age 32, two years younger than Bernard. However, listed ages of the children are not entirely consistent with their birth dates.

Bernard and Elizabeth had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, born from 1849 to 1861 in Staten Island. Unfortunately, 4 of the 6 died before the age of 35, three of them within one month including at least two from typhoid fever (see below).

In "Extract of Birth Records" for Richmond County (Staten Island) first child is listed as "John Corey", born April 1, 1849. However, as late as the 1875 New York Census, hand-written surname of "Cory" is still listed.

Per the 1860 US Census, Bernard (age 34) was working as a "jobber". Elizabeth was home with 5 children and live-in "house maid" (Margaret Gallagher) from Ireland.

As of the 1870 US Census, Bernard is working as a "grocer". Elizabeth is home with the full contingent of 6 children. John, age 21, is listed working at a "soda water factory". Martha, age 18, is working as "dressmaker". Even William, age 16, is noted to be working as a "soap & candle maker".

In 1880, the US Census shows Bernard. However, all-too-typical of the era (see Mann family history), Elizabeth had departed at age 48. Remaining at the house are daughter Mary, son Mark, daughter Martha, her husband James Dunn (migrated from Ireland) and their two children (James & William).

Bernard lived until 1898 (age 72).

As we all learn through our own experience, story lines of the six offspring of Bernard and Elizabeth Cory remind us of the broad possibilities that exist along with the fundamental uncertainty of life.

Baptismal records from Saint Peters Roman Catholic Church (New Brighton, Staten Island) show first-born John Corey baptized on the same day as his birth (April 1, 1849), which may sound unusual. However, in the 1800s baptisms were very often performed very soon after birth.

John married Margaret (Mary Ann) Hughes about 1873. They had 5 children, born from 1875 to 1883. In the 1875 State of New York Census, John (age 26) is listed as "plumber" along with Margaret and newborn son Joseph.

No records are available to determine how long John lived. Margaret (born 1852) lived only until age 35. There is scant information about the children except that last-born Martha lived only until age 4 (1887).

Martha Corey (born 7-10-1852) married James Dunn about 1871. They had two children (James, 1872 and William, 1875). However, Martha survived only until October 1885 at age 33, perishing from the typhoid fever epidemic that had just taken her younger brother and sister (see below). Other than his work as a shipping clerk, there is no other information about James Dunn. Son William died much too early at age 10 in December 1885 (possibly from the same epidemic as his mother). In the 1900 US Census, son James (age 27) is listed as living with his uncle, William James Corey and family.

About 1877, with father, mother and all siblings still on board, William James Corey (age 24) married Mary Jane Smith in Staten Island. From 1879 to 1895, the couple produced 9 children (6 boys, 3 girls); see photo below. Mary, born on New Years Day 1852 in Staten Island, lived until 1924. William became the founder and first president of the Bricklayers Union on Staten Island, surviving until 1925 (age 72).

Obituary notice in the Gazette of Staten Island (September 9, 1885) summarized the untimely death of Mark (known as Martin) Corey, at age 25, and Mary ("Mrs. Flanagan") at age 29;

"About two weeks ago, Martin Corey of Broad Street, Stapleton died from what was believed to be "Painter Colic". Mr. Corey's family is well known and he was a member of the Edgewater Fire Department. The funeral was an enormous one. The line of Coaches reached from Bechtels Brewery to Bay Street. There were several Detachments at the funeral who marched to the Cemetery in companies, soon after his burial. Mrs. Flanagan, a sister of the deceased who had nursed him constantly was taken sick also. Dr. John H Feeney, the Health Officer, was on Vacation in the first case. Dr. Feeney was called to attend Mrs. Flanagan, called her disease typhoid fever, she Died 2 days later. There appears that now there are several cases in the Village / (Mrs Flanagan was the former Mary Elizabeth Cory)."

Mary Corey had previously married James Flanagan. They had one son, Charles, who survived only until age 4.

Last-born of the six, Catherine Ann Corey sprung forth on March 31, 1861, just as the Civil War was about to change the nation and the world. To date, there is no further information about her life.

William James Corey and Mary Jane Smith

Click on file name (above) to download this photo.

Jane Corey (seated at center), with nine children, circa 1920

Left to right (standing): James, Anna, Mark, Joseph, Susan (Sister Berchmans), unknown Sister, John, Thomas, Martha, William Jr.

Mary Jane had more than a full-time job raising nine children! She lived until 1924 and is buried in Moravian Cemetery (New Dorp, Staten Island) alongside husband William.

As noted above, William James Corey became well known as a labor leader in Staten Island. In the Staten Island Advance (April 13, 1925) the apparent obituary notice was more like a news article, with large-type headline;




Subheadlines include; "News of Uncle's Death Kept from County Leader at St. Vincent's".

The article then includes the following;

"Mr. Corey, who was the oldest active Democrat on Staten Island..... received his education in island schools. At the time of his death he was attached to the District Attorneys Office.

He fell ill of heart trouble two weeks ago, but was only one week in the hospital. His nephew, County Leader T. R. McGinley, a patient in the same hospital was not told of his uncle's death because of his condition, but since then has grown stronger and has been told.

He was a prominent member of the Knights of Columbus, the Holy Name Society, organizer and ex-President of the Bricklayers organization, the Veteran Fireman's Association, the Foresters of America and other organizations. He resided at the home of his son, 130 Targee Street, Stapleton....."

Interesting is how the article misspelled the married name of daughter Martha as "Small" instead of the correct Schmohl.

Ann Smith (b1850), the only sibling of Mary Jane, married Roger McGinley. Their son, Thomas R McGinley, became a major leader of the Democratic Party in Staten Island, no doubt tutored by his uncle, William James Corey. In the 1880 US Census, Ann (age 29) and son Thomas (age 5) are shown living with parents of Ann and Mary Jane; James Smith (age 65; born in Ireland) and Mary Jordan Smith (age 60; born in Ireland).

Download the following report by Thomas R McGinley (Commissioner of Parks), issued to NYC Mayor John F Hylan (namesake of Hylan Boulevard) for an interesting description of park facilities on Staten Island as of 1922;

Sons and daughters of William and Mary Jane produced 16 grandchildren, born over a span of more than 30 years. First grandchild, Emma L Corey (born October 7, 1906), was the daughter of William J Corey Jr. and Emma A (O'Connor) Corey. Last grandchild, Bernadette Mary Corey (born January 24, 1937), was the daughter of James A Corey and Dorothy M (Mann) Corey.

Presented below is a brief biography of each of the 9 children of William and Mary Jane Corey, along with spouses and their children, based on available information, which is generally very limited. Please consider adding details and photos!

William J Corey Jr and Emma Annie O'Connor

On November 21, 1905, William (age 20) married Emma Annie O'Connor (age 22) on Staten Island. William is listed as "bookkeeper" on the marriage certificate. Emma was born in 1880 on Staten Island. There is no information about her parents other than names (Michael & Margaret).

The couple produced 6 children (2 daughters & 4 sons) from 1906 to 1920.

Per the 1930 US Census, William and Emma, with all 6 offspring, were renting a dwelling at 18 New Street in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island. William (age 50) is noted to be working as an "Inspector" in the "Insurance" industry.

In the 1930 Census, daughter Emma L Corey, at age 23 (born 1906), is noted to be working as a "stenographer" for a "Title Co". Son William Gerard Corey, age 21 (born 1909), is listed as unemployed. Augustine T Corey, age 17, is working as a "clerk" for a "Trust Co". Even Paul, at age 15, is working as "clerk" for a "Deposit Co".

There is no other information about son William.

On June 12, 1932, during depth of the Great Depression, Augustine, just turned 20, married Julia Francis Hurley, also age 20. The only other information about Julia are names of her parents (Michael Hurley & Sarah Ward).

Augustine and Julia had two children; Ronald & Carolyn.

There is no other information about Ronald and Carolyn although they likely are (separately) parents of some of the 15 grandchildren noted below.  

Julia lived until 1981 (see below).

Carrying on, Augustine married Maretta LaTourette; date of marriage is not known. Not much other information about Maretta is available other than that she had four children from a prior marriage (see below). However, see the following link for a photo of Maretta posted (May 2011; "My Stylish Mom", Palm Beach Post web site) by her daughter Joyce Rebhan Park of Wellington, Florida. Date and location of photo is not listed. Maretta is the last photo, so you have to scroll down. Make sure to scroll down even further to read two comments ("Scarlett O'Hara").

Augustine lived until 1996 at age 84. Obituary notice in the Staten Island Advance included the following;

"Mr. Corey worked as an assistant treasurer for Chase Manhattan Bank, Manhattan, for nearly 45 years.

A graduate of Port Richmond High School, he attended Pace University, Manhattan, before earning a degree in accounting from La Salle University's Extension School in Philadelphia.

His first wife, the former Julia Hurley, died in 1981.

Surviving are his wife, the former Maretta LaTourette; a son, Ronald E Corey; a daughter, Carolyn E Corey; a stepdaughter, Joyce Park; three stepsons, George, Robert and Paul Rebhan; a sister, Margaret Foy; 15 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren."

Clearly there is much more to the story of Augustine Corey and two families! Please consider sending new information about any member of each family.

Maretta LaTourette is very likely related to the very extensive LaTourette family that included owners of the former farm on Staten Island that was transformed (from 1929 to the 1935 opening) into LaTourette Golf Course, considered by many golfers to be just about the best of numerous courses within New York City. Further research is required; please consider sharing stories!

Paul Corey (b 1915) married Anne Hickey. Paul lived until 1989. Otherwise, no other information is available.

Margaret Corey (born May 27, 1917) married Daniel Patrick Foy in 1942 in Houston, Texas. From 1947 to 1959, the couple produced three sons; Patrick, Kevin & Brian Emmett. Daniel survived until 1988. Otherwise, there is no other information about Margaret and family.

Other than birth year of 1920, there is no other information about last-born son Vincent Corey.

Emma lived until age 61, passing away at the end of 1941, just 3 weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor that catapulted the US into World War II. William lived only about a year more, until age 62.

Martha R Corey and William H Schmohl

Martha R Corey (age 25) married William H Schmohl (age 23) in 1906. Their daughter Faithe, born August 20, 1907 lived only until age 13. Cause of her much-too-early passing is not known.

William Schmohl lived until age 68. Obituary notice in the Staten Island Advance (May 8, 1952) notes; "Mr. Schmohl was a dealer of building supplies in Manhattan for many years. Years ago he was active in the 7th Regiment of the National Guard."

Martha lived until 1969 at age 87, passing away just 4 months before the moon landing. She lived through a tumultuous period in American history and saw amazing changes. Per the obituary notice; "She is survived by her brother, Joseph Corey of Richmond Road and a sister Mrs. Anna Keyes of Beechwood, New Jersey."

Susan R Corey

The following two-page letter (click to download), from Sisters of St Francis (Hastings-On-Hudson, NY), briefly describes the life of Susan R Corey who became Sister Mary Berchmans. Second page is by Sister M St Mark in 1991.

John Roger Corey

Not much information is available about John Roger Corey, born December 8, 1884. He lived until 1950 at age 66. Obituary notice notes that he "died unexpectedly..........Mr. Corey, a native of Stapleton, moved to Manhattan 15 years ago living in the Vanderbilt Hotel until he retired to the Island a year ago......He was a member of the Brooklyn Elks and Knights of Columbus."

Mark L Corey and Louise E Nadler

Compared to his brothers and sisters, Mark L Corey married rather "late" at age 25. At time of their marriage on Staten Island on October 20, 1912, his bride, Louise E Nadler, was just about to turn 27.

In the 1920 US Census, Mark (working as "clerk") and Louise are listed as residing at "130 Targee Street, Stapleton SI NY" with three daughters; Josephine (6), Martha (4) and Manuela (1).

In the 1930 US Census, Mark is listed as "Banker".

Mark lived until 1968 at age 81, witnessing the birth of 8 grandchildren. The following is from an obituary notice in the Staten Island Advance;

"Mr. Corey was named Chairman of the Selected Services Board after serving on the Draft Boards for 20 years. He retired from the post six years ago. He was a frequent member of Grand Jurys and often served as foreman.......Funeral from the McGinley Funeral Home, corner of Broad and Targee Sts, Stapleton......."

Note that McGinley Funeral Home had previoulsy been operated by Thomas R McGinley, Mark's first cousin (see above).

Louise continued on until age 95, reaching the end of her long life in on May 2, 1982.

In February 1941, months before the US entered World War II, daughter Josephine (age 27) married Jospeh Fennelly at Saint Peters Roman Catholic Church on Staten Island. There is no other information at all about Joseph other than that the couple produced four children (2 daughters; Jane & Anne and 2 sons; Mark &

Michael). Third-born Mark arrived in 1946. Michael was born nearly ten years later in 1956.

Josephine lived until the end of 1969, passing away at the relatively young age of 56.

Other than her birth date of April 23, 1915, and that she lived to age 73, the only available information about daughter Martha (known as Marcy) is from the obituary notice in the Staten Island Advance;

"Born in Stapleton, she moved with her family at the age of 17 to West Brighton, where she remained for the rest of her life. She was a secretary for US Steel in Manhattan, retiring in 1977 after 27 years. She was graduated from Curtis High School and the Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School. With her mother, Louise Corey, she was a licensed practical nurse and served as a volunteer at St Vincent's Medical Center during World War II. After the war, she continued to serve as a volunteer in the Social Service department of St. Vincent's."

At age 28, Manuela married William J McGowan, also age 28, on Staten Island. To date, there is not much information about either other than that William graduated from Manhattan College and Brooklyn College Law School (1941) and worked as a lawyer.

From 1947 to 1958, Manuela and William produced four children (2 daughters; Susan & Mary Louisa, and 2 sons; Andrew Joseph and William Edward).

Family photo from 1958 with Manuela and all four children notes that they are living in Indianapolis (Indiana).

Available records show a total of 6 grandchildren (5 girls, 1 boy), born from 1975 to 1992, with the latest being Michael Ward Manifold (born June 22, 1992 in Washington DC), son of Mary (McGowan) Manifold (b1961 in Homestead PA) and William Geoffrey Manifold (b1954 in Inkstrom, Michigan).

Manuela lived until 2003 at age 85, passing away in Silver Spring, Maryland.

James Augustus Corey and Dorothea Magdelana Mann

Fighting with the US Army in World War I as Lieutenant, James Augustus Corey survived being gassed and wounded. (See James at left in family photo above; with William J Corey and Mary Jane Smith).

James married Dorothea Magdelana Mann in 1924. Dorothea (known as Dorothy) was the daughter of Philip and Anna Mann (see "Mann Family in US").

Per the 1925 New York State Cenus, James and Dorothy were living with Philip and Anna Mann at 506 West 43rd Street in Manhattan.

James worked as a detective in New York City until 1934.

With father-in-law Philip Mann, he built a new house at what was then 298 Ninth Street, since renamed to Moreland Street in the Midland Beach section of Staten Island.

James and Dorothy produced 5 children (Gerard, James, Dorothy, Marion, Bernadette) born from 1926 to 1937.

The 1930 US Census shows James, Dorothy and the first 3 children, along with Philip Mann (age 61, listed as "painter") and Anna Mann, (age 59) living at 298 Ninth Street. Value of the house is noted to be $8,000, which was much greater than values listed for adjacent houses.

James Augustus Corey lived until 1951. Dorothy Magdelana Corey carried on until 1956. They are both buried in Moravian Cemetery in the New Dorp section of Staten Island, New York City.

Joseph J Corey and Ruth Corey

Joseph J Corey, born Dec 12, 1891, graduated from Columbia University in New York City and served in the Navy during World War I.

Joseph married at age 30, however the only available information about his first wife was that her name was Ruth, born in 1897. Ruth lived until the day after her birthday in 1948, at age 51.

Joseph J Corey and Estelle Kali

In 1955, Joseph J Corey was married again, to Estelle Kali (maiden name Buttermark).

Joseph lived until 1973 at age 82. The following is from the obituary notice in Staten Island Advance; "Mr. Corey was a retired probation officer. A graduate of Columbia University, he was commended as one of the best probation officers in the city by the Staten Island judiciary. .......He is survived by his wife Estelle, a son William Kali of Bay Terrace and a sister Anna Keyes of Beechwood, New Jersey."

Thomas Vincent Corey and Claire Fitzgerald

Born in 1894, Thomas Vincent Corey served in both the Army and Navy before marrying Claire Fitzgerald.

Per the 1930 US Census, Thomas was 34 and Claire was 29 when they married. For "Occupation" Thomas appears to be listed as "Investigator" although the handwriting is not entirely clear.

Thomas lived until 1961 at age 66. Obituary notice in the Staten Island Advance included the following;

"Mr. Corey, a native Staten Islander, worked for some years as a US Custom Inspector in Manhattan until his retirement in 1957. He served in the US Army in the Mexican campaign from 1916 until the outbreak of World War I, when he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the US Navy. He remained with the Navy until 1925 part of the time as an instructor at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He was a survivor of a World War torpedoing off France."

The only available record for Claire is the gravestone; she was born in 1900 and lived until 1965 at age 64.

Anna Loretta Corey and Walter C Keyes

When born December 10, 1895, both parents of Loretta Anna Corey were age 42. When Anna was just 10, her first niece was born (Emma L Corey).

Per Certificate of Baptism (copy) from Immaculate Conception Church (128 Targee Street, Staten Island, NY), the rite was performed by Reverend Otto F Strack. "Sponsors" are listed as William Welsh and Jemmil Welsh.

Anna married Walter C Keyes (age unknown).

Son Walter C Keyes Jr arrived in 1925. Walter Jr. lived until age 44 or 45; cause of death is not known.

Walter Sr. lived until 1965.

Grandson Corey Keyes was born in 1954 on Staten Island.

Anna lived until 1976 at age 79. At the time, of the large group of 17 that included her brothers and sisters, and their spouses, those remaining were few; Louise (Nadler) Corey (age 89), and perhaps Estelle Kali (age unknown).

Of course there is much more to the Corey story ;-)

Look for the "tree" to grow on this and other pages to be added during the next few weeks. As always, if you are a member of the Corey family tree (of whatever branch) please send comments / suggestions / corrections. Photos are of great interest, along with a story to explain the scene.

We would especially like to "fill out" the early years. Yet, news about recent family events (such as a reunion!) is most welcome.

If you have developed or are aware of any web site with information about the Corey family of Staten Island and beyond, please let us know.

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