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Frederick William Kramer & Dorothy (Clinckett) Kramer

by John F Mann 

based on family history by John E Mann & Noel Lee Mann

Growing up during early years of the 20th century, Fred Kramer and Dorothy Clinckett experienced many amazing changes, including the advent of radio along with the growing use of airplanes and cars on a regular basis.

In 1925, while at the Ardsley Heights School, in Ardsley, New York, about 35 miles north of Staten Island, Dorothy Clinckett (age 13) wrote the following in a letter to her mother (Leila Hind Clinckett);

"Mother, I'm not going to write to Freddie anymore he is too fresh. When I was home this week he kept hitting and pushing me so I slapped him. I hope he takes the hint and stays away."

"At home everyone says I lisp and the other day I wrote a letter to Gertrude and instead of putting 'st' after 21, I put 'th' so they say I even lisp in my writing."

As you have surely guessed, fast forward five years to March 22, 1930 and we find the assertive, spirited Dorothy (age 18) marrying "Freddie" (age 24).

Just engaged (1928) Fred Kramer and Dorothy Kramer, side yard of Clinckett house at 2121 Clove Road, Grassmere, Staten Island.

Quite the fashionable couple!

Fred Kramer with daughter Noel Kramer, born on December 27, 1930, just as the nation was taking stock of the economic downturn that was only later to become known as the Great Depression.

Fred was earning well enough at his job as accountant with White, Weld in Manhattan to purchase this fine Chrysler automobile in 1929, just before the Wall Street Crash.

Daughters Noel Kramer (on hood) and Beverly Kramer (safely? corralled between bumper and grille) in 1933.

John E "Jack" Mann and Noel Mann have compiled extensive records of family history, soon to be published.

Basic family tree data for Frederick William Kramer & Dorothy Eveline Clinckett.

by John E "Jack" Mann.

You can download this page by clicking on the link below.

Frederick William Kramer.jpg

Fred Kramer, tagged early on as "Fritz", was born on December 15, 1905 at 744 10th Ave, in Manhattan (New York City).

Dorothy Clinckett was born in Bridgetown on the Caribbean island of Barbados, part of the British West Indies. She moved to New York City in 1920 with her family, living in Brooklyn and Fanwood, New Jersey before moving to 2121 Clove Road in the Grassmere section of Staten Island.

During the 1930s, the Kramers lived at several locations in Staten Island, all rented. In 1944, they bought a single-family house at 40 Bancroft Avenue in the New Dorp section.

Fred & Dorothy produced four girls;

Noel Lee Kramer (Mann) 12-27-1930

Beverly Ann Kramer (Rinck) 4-25-1932

Dorothy Evelyn Kramer (Chayes) 11-3-1936

Candace Elizabeth Kramer (Smith) 5-5-1946

After Fred's passing in 1964, Dorothy and daughter Candy joined the great migration westward, moving from Staten Island to California.

Dorothy worked for many years at Queen of Angels hospital in Santa Monica and saw grandchildren Fred, Bobby and April (offspring of Bob & Candy Smith) grow up in the Golden State. She also returned "back east" to visit with daughters, even more grandchildren and one great grand daughter (Julia Kelly Mann).

Dorothy lived until passing away in 1987 at age 75, survived by a family that continues to grow today (December 2018) more than 100 years since her own birth.

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