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Introduction / Family Names

by John F Mann

John E "Jack" Mann and Noel Mann have been collecting and organizing family-tree (genealogical) data for many years.

Time has arrived to use the opportunity of new technology to share the bounty of our family history and, hopefully, inspire others to add new rings and branches to the tree.

Many thanks to those who have already provided essential information about the extended family over the years.

Yet we know there is much more to be added. So for all of you who have interest in adding character (or characters!) to the site, please contribute

Only the very basics are included on this site. Much more can be found in the written history, some of which we plan to publish. However, even the written version can only hint at the depth of experiences in the life of each person.

We are intending to try video stories, at least some of which may be included on this site, depending on storage requirements.

To the extent possible, we would like one or more members of each family to write photo captions and descriptions of events.

Send email messages to;

Of course, "traditional" forms of communications are always welcome. Please send mail to us at Reunion Park headquarters;

Jack (John E) Mann & Noel Lee Mann

409 Harrier Drive

Monroe NJ 08831

Family Names

(This is a work in progress. Please submit corrections. A spreadsheet file will eventually be made available with complete information for every member of the extended family; JFM)

Listed for each surname, is person with earliest year of birth (or year of death, with "d" if birth year not known) for which some information has been obtained.

Persons are listed (alphabetically by surname) under the following categories;

(100) - Relation to Mann / Mackie; for generations of the same or earlier time as John E Mann

(101) - Relation to Corey (Cory) / Connolly; for generation of the same or earlier time as family members of the same generation as John E Mann

(200) - Relation to Kramer / Clinckett; for generations of the same or earlier time as Noel Lee (Kramer) Mann

(100A, 101A, 200A) - Family names for which relation started after generation that includes John E Mann or Noel Lee (Kramer) Mann

Note that some current surnames were modified from the original (European) spelling.

Related to Mann / Mackie

Group 100

Anna Elisabeth Bangert (1683)


Elizabeth Barthel (1850)

John Beck (1822)

Charlotte Bradshaw (1879)

Anna Marie Brunnhofer (1815)

Daniel Joseph Campion (1915)

Isabella Langolis Cerk (1908)

Marion Conway (1919)

Bernard Cory (Corey) (1826)




Francis Xavier Dierkess (1806)

Johann Muller Eisenhauer (1610)

Eva Barbara Fink (1785)

Wallace J Fitts (1892)


Anthony Gallagher (1904)


Mary Rose Glasser (1863)



Alina Fransico Grubner (1840)

Cunegunda Gunnermann (1760)

Mary Hanley

Maria Margarethe Helmling (1839)

Victoria Dorothea Henning (1810)

Josi Hoch (1705)


Katharina Keller (1867)

Adelheid Kloffel (1911)

Henry Knops (1903)

Joseph Koening

Anthony E Lambrecht (1839)

Regina Koening Lewis (1867)

Catherina Lore (1840)

Mary Gladys Lynch (1932)


Johannis Georgius Mann (1690)

Terese V Mensing (1905)


Mary Louise Mount (d1985)

Frieland Roel Moutett (1844)

Raab (1812)


Cunnigunda Schneidawind (1793)

Eva Elisabeth Schafer (1721)

Lillian Smith




Herbert W Wilmington


Apolima Zeller

Group 100A

Antonio Augliera (about 1860)

Edward Borden (1838)

John E Brooks (1886)

Ludwell L Chipley (1856)

Elliot Lynn Chipps (1898)

William Cowan (about 1942)

Patricia Lynn Curran (about 1953)

Joseph Cusack (about 1910)

Salvatore Esposito (1859)

Fausta Fagan (1883)

Lawrence Ralph Faulkner (1943)

Julie Martine Gauthier (about 1954)

John Gilbert Johnstone (1959)

Frank J Kiernan (1900)

Patrick Kinney (1942)

Alfred Kleinmann (about 1930)

Britta G Kuhr (1932)

Geoffrey T LeBlond (1955)

Alicia M O'Brien (1896)

Jackson Pancake (1836)

Marvin Penland (1906)

Anthony Perri (about 1920)

Albert Schumann (about 1910)

David Gordon Siquieros (1956)

Mary Sowards (1841)

James Stoddardt (1873)

James J Teays (1817)

Mary Ann Thomas (1820)

Kurt Walwer (1888)

Isaac Wiley (1812)

George Wilton (about 1954)

Related to Corey / Connolly

Group 101

Francis Becerin (d1941)

Estelle Buttermark Kali

Joseph Fennelly

Claire Fitzgerald

Daniel Patrick Foy (1942)

William Charles Heuber (1889)

Anne Hickey

John Hroncich (1899)

Julia Francis Hurley (1932)

Bridget (Lynch) Jordan (1811)

Walter C Keyes

Agnes Ann Klink (1927)

Howard Edward Klumbach (1910)

Marrette LaTourette

Joannis Georgius Mann (1690)

William J McGowan (1918)

Edward McIntyre (1904)

Louise E Nadler (1886)

Emma O'Connor (1880)

William H Schmohl (1883)

Agnes Kathryn Sweeney (1888)

Group 101A

George James Boyatzies (1929)

Miriam Wolf Bourlier (1937)

Eric Brunkal (1966)

Patricia Ann Dickinson (1959)

Francis Leo Dougherty (1919)

Timothy George Fallon (1954)

Susan C Fogg

James Herron

James Howard Kessler (1949)

Elizabeth Ann Kolerich

Stanley Kalnowski (1932)

Elaine Kuti

Boyd Legate

Franceso LoBue (1920)

Harold Garnett

William Geoffrey Manifold (1954)

Kristine A McCur

Angelo Nicholais (1923)

Oscar Magnus Olsen (1901)

Randall Pennington

Amber Pugh

Henry Richards (1939)

Pamela Williams Rogers (1962)

Gloria F Salazar (1949)

Oscar J Smith (1940)

Susanna Szuba (1949)

Bruce Turner (1945)

Dianne Turrizin

Cheryl Robin Weiss (1959)

Mark Edward Young (1961)

Related to Kramer / Clinckett

Group 200

Sarah Janet Armstrong (1825)

Josias Hovel Bryant (1823)


John Clinckett (1605)





Patrick Hand (1836)

Edward Crawford Hinds (1856)

Frances West Jackman (1795)


Kramer /Kremer (1811)

Mary Yearwood Lewis (1789)


Mary Rose McNally (1874)

Margaret Ann Morgan (1823)

Raab (1812)



Robert Young (1902)

Group 200A

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