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Kramer Family In United States

by John F Mann 

based on family history by John E Mann & Noel Lee Mann

Jacob & Friederika Kremer; Migration to America

As warfare of the Napoleonic period raged through Europe, Jacob Kremer was born (1811) in the medieval-age town of Montabaur, in what is now west-central Germany.

The nation of Germany was not formed until 1871. In 1868, the area became part of the province of Hesse-Nassau within the Kingdom of Prussia

In 1839 Jacob married Friederika Margarethe Raab, born (1812) in the nearby town of Dietz. From 1839 to 1846 the couple produced five children. However, only three children (Peter, Susanna & Josepha) survived for the journey to America.

As happened all-too-often during this time Friederika died in 1849 at the very young age of 37, just after the turmoil of the attempted 1848 revolution in Prussia

Along with many others seeking to escape harsh conditions in Prussia and other states of the German Confederation, Jacob and second wife Anna Marie Doktor (born 1814), made the long journey to New York City in 1853, with four children, including new arrival Jacob (born 1852).

Once in America, the family surname, spelled Kremer in Germany, was changed to Kramer, apparently so the English spelling would better match pronunciation in German.

Click on the link below for summary of events, including migration to America, [by John E Mann & Noel Mann (Kramer)];

Note that in the 1860 Census listing, commonly used (or modified) first names are listed, such as Anna and Josephine. Son Peter had returned to Germany prior to 1860.

Jacob Kramer & Ellen Jackson

Youngest child (Jacob, born 1852) of the elder Jacob Kramer and Anna Marie (Mary) Kramer was not (apparently) known as junior or "II" and also (like father) did not have a middle name. Where necessary for clear identification in further discussion the younger Jacob is identified with year of birth, as Jacob (b1852).

Click on the link below for description of events for Jacob (1852) Kramer and family [by John E Mann & Noel Mann (Kramer)];

Jacob (b1852) Kramer married Ellen Jackson in 1874. Ellen had eight children (5 girls + 3 boys), from 1875 to 1890. After the first child (Albert), the other seven offspring were born in Fort Slocum (New Rochelle, NY), where father Jacob was stationed in the Army, having enlisted at age 16 on July 15, 1869, four years after the Civil War.

Link to history of the former Fort Slocum, on Davids Island, New Rochelle, NY, at the western end of Long Island Sound.

Jacob (b1852) Kramer served for 32 years in the army. He played with various army bands, eventually becoming Chief Musician and Drill Major. He also was a photographer (see below).

Ellen Kramer died young (age 38) in 1893.

Jacob Kramer & Pauline Schmidt

In 1894, Jacob married Pauline Schmidt who was 12 years younger than himself. Per the 1900 US Census, Pauline had arrived in America in 1892 from Germany. Pauline had three children with Jacob, Margarethe (1895), Charlotte (1897) and Mina (1901), adding up to 11 for Jacob if you are counting!

(Above) Gathering of the Kramer family for 80th birthday of Jacob Kramer in 1932. Jacob is seated, at center-right of photo. Only a few individuals are identified by notes, including married daughters Lulu (Louise) Haefling & Minnie Dolan (standing, second & third from left). Grandson Fred (Fritz) Kramer is just visible in back row (center), holding great-grandaughter Noel Kramer. [from family history by John E Mann & Noel Lee Mann]. Click on link to download photo.

Jacob (b1852) Kramer survived to age 84, passing away in 1936. Pauline Kramer carried on until she too passed on in 1940, at the age of 76.

Photo taken by Jacob Kramer (b1852), most likely circa 1890.

Courtesy of Gary Mitchell, Rochester NY

As explained by Mr. Mitchell, this "cabinet card" and similar photos taken by Jacob Kramer are collectibles.

Braches of  Kramer Tree

As with every large family tree, numerous branches extend outward in all directions. Below we follow the branch that takes off with Albert Jacob Kramer (born 1875), first child of Jacob and Ellen Kramer.

At the beginning of the 20th century (1900) Albert Kramer married Julia Hand. From 1901 to 1907, Julia gave birth to four boys.

See page for "Frederick & Dorothy Kramer" (on this site) for information about third-born son Fritz William Kramer, later known as Fred.

In 1916, Julia Kramer died of tuberculosis at age 42, unfortunately not unusual for the time.

Albert recovered from the loss and married Mary Rose McNally in 1918. Mary Rose, born in Ireland in 1875 and fondly known as "Granny" in later years, lived a long life, until 1971 at age 96!

See links below for history of Staten Island and New Dorp.

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