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Kramer Sisters

by John F "Jack" Mann

Kramer sisters, 1946

World War II is over.

This scene marks transition to a new era as the first wave of "Boomers" is just landing. 

Above) Three Kramer sisters with friends in front yard of the Kramer home at 40 Bancroft Ave, New Dorp, Staten Island NY.

from album of John F "Jack" Mann, son of Noel (Kramer) Mann

From left (back row) - Florence Bowe, Beverly Kramer (age 13), Noel Kramer (age 15), (unidentified friend)

In front - Dorothy Kramer

Fourth of the Kramer sisters, Candace "Candy" Kramer, was just about to arrive on the scene........leading the first wave of Baby Boomers.

Candace Elizabeth Kramer

Graduation from New Dorp High School (left)

from collection of John E Mann & Noel Lee Mann

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