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by John F Mann

Extensive sources for further research into family history are available at the following link, although you generally must purchase the various documents;

Listing (with further links) of those with Clinckett surname from Barbados (see number 37 in list);

Clinckett surname

Interesting information about history of the Gittens family of Barbados (related to Clincketts) can be found at this site;

Gittens Family of Barbados

Artistic paintings of family trees by Dorothy Walwer (daughter of Noel & John E "Jack" Mann) are shown at this site;

Brits In South America" database. Includes extensive list of other web-site resources;

Recently (October 2011) I have been trying a 7-day free trial for the following genealogy site. So far I grade it a C-minus at best;

This last link is merely a blatant "inside" pitch for my engineering site;

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