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Mann Family In USA

by John F Mann

based on family history by John E Mann & Noel Mann


Life In New York City

Philip Mann & Anna Eisenhauer

Michael Joseph Mann & Lillian Gertrude Mackie

Be sure to see photos below (from collection of John E Mann & Noel Lee Mann).

Compared to difficulties of searching for information about family members in Europe, there is of course the potential to obtain much more information about those who lived in the United States. Yet, finding records from the 1800s remains a challenge. Time, perseverance and often some luck are required to successfully "find" relatives from long ago.

Download the following page from family history to find out how records for Michael Mann in New York City were the starting point for discovery of records from what is now Germany.

Michael Mann 1831.pdf

(PDF — 788 KB)

Life In New York City

In 1853, at the age of 21, Michael Mann (born September 10, 1834; son of Caspar and Cunigunda Mann) decided to start a new life in America. Although there are no records to explain why Michael made the choice, he must have certainly been influenced by the growing surge of many others leaving from nearby towns for the promise of America. He boarded the sailing ship Bastide in Bremen and landed in New York City.

Michael settled in the lower east side of New York City, an area populated by other Germans from Bavaria and surrounding states, such as Prussia, that would later be consolidated into the nation of Germany. As of 1855 Michael was living at 68 Norfolk Street, where the family of his soon-to-be spouse was operating a "Porter House". Although the definition of Porter House is somewhat ambiguous today, it was most likely a tavern with rooms or apartments.

Click on the following link for map showing general location of the former building at 68 Norfolk Street in current-day Manhattan, near western end of the Williamsburg Bridge. Click "Satellite" for aerial view.

From family history, a 1934 photo shows a 6-story building at 68 Norfolk Street. This apparently replaced a former building that was the original Porter House.

In the 1860 US Census, Michael (age 26) is listed as a "varnisher", which very likely was a job within the piano manufacturing industry. In the 1900 US Census, he is listed as "piano varnisher".

In 1858, Michael married Dorothea Victoria Dierkess (born 1839 in New York City). In the 1860 US Census, she is listed simply as "Dora". The 1900 US Census lists her as "Dorathy".

From 1859 to 1883 Michael and Dora produced 12 children (6 boys, 6 girls), born at five different residences in the borough of Manhattan, New York City.

Per 1900 US Census, Michael and Dora still had 5 "children" living with them at 46 West 49th Street in Manhattan. Daughter Mary (age 34) is "at home". Joseph (age 28) is working as "piano varnisher". Son Michael (age 24) is a "marble cutter". Lillian (age 19) is working "in bakery" while occupation of Anna (17) appears to be "maker of waists", which may be a term for the clothing industry.

The two youngest members of the tribe, Lillian and Mary Anna, had been born at 335 West 37th Street, where the family lived from 1878 to 1888.

Michael lived until 1906 at age 74, passing away at 468 West 51st Street in Manhattan. Dorothea lived on until 1913 at age 68. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery in the borough of Queens, New York City.

Brief story of the Steinway company is at the following link;

Steinway & Sons

Philip Mann & Anna Eisenhauer

With 10 of the 12 children from Michael and Dorothea Mann surviving to adulthood, there are many branches of the family tree to follow.

Below, we see how the branch of the seventh child, Philip George Mann (born March 24, 1869 at 135 Delancey Street, NYC) has grown.

Philip married Anna Catherine Eisenhauer (born 1871 in New York City) about 1891 or 1892, although marriage records have not been found.

Three children were born from 1893 to 1898 in Manhattan (New York City); Irene Lizzie (known as Elsie), Dorothea (Dorothy) Magdelena and Michael Joseph.

See "Corey Family In US" for more about Dorothy Magdelena Mann.

As discussed in family history, Anna may have a common distant relative (Hans Nicholas Eisenhauer; 17th century, Odenwald area of Germany) with President Dwight Eisenhower. Surnames were often modified when immigrants moved to America. More on this connection may be published in the future.

However, see the following link for additional information;

Similar to his brothers and father, Philip initially worked in the piano manufacturing industry. Later, he worked as a painter and in construction. In 1925, Philip helped son-in-law James Corey, Philip build a new house at 298 Ninth Street (now Moreland Street) in Midland Beach, Staten Island (New York City).

After the new house was built, the extended family (Mann & Corey) moved to Staten Island from Manhattan. Click on the following link for map and aerial view of Midland Beach (use "Satellite" for aerial view);

To download each photo (below), click on the underlined description below each photo.

Anna Mann with grandchildren; Keansburg, NJ (August 1930)

From left to right (age); James Mann (6), Kathleen Davey (4), Gerard Corey (4), Vincent Mann (3), James Corey (3), Andrew Davey (3), Miriam Mann (2), Dorothy Corey (1)

Missing in action; (Marion) Joan Corey (3 months)

Sunday gathering at home, Midland Beach, Staten Island (1925)

Anna Mann, Emile Moutett, Otto Moutett, James Corey, Dorothy Corey

Gertrude (Gert) Moutett, sister of Anna Mann, married Otto Moutett. Emile was brother of Otto. Photo was likely taken by Andrew Davey, husband of Elsie.

August 1925, Keansburg NJ

Anna & Philip Mann with grandchild who could only be James Mann.

Philip Mann, daughter Dorothy Corey and grandson James Corey (1927)

In February 1937, at the age of 67, Philip passed away just after the birth of his last grandchild (Bernadette Corey). Anna moved in with her daughter, Elsie Davey, living until 1938.

Michael Joseph Mann & Lillian Gertrude Mackie

Born on the west side of Manhattan, New York City at the end of the 19th century, Michael Joseph Mann (b1898) and Lillian Gertrude Mackie (b1895) grew to adulthood during the early years of the 20th century, before the US entry into World War I. Many of us today do not hear or read much about American history during this relatively "quiet" time period.

Information about schools and childhood activities is not available. However, photos taken during the "Roaring Twenties" (see below) show Michael and friends in Asbury Park (1922) and Atlantic City (1925). Note formal dress (and serious demeanor!) of these earnest young men, even at the beach.

Lillian was the youngest of 5 children born to John Edward and Catherine ("Kate") Mackie. The family had moved to Jersey City before 1908, when Lillian was confirmed.

In 1900 US Census, John Edward Mackie (age 41) and wife "Kate" (age 37) are shown living with 5 children (including Lillian, age 4) and mother-in-law Elizabeth Barry. John is noted to be working as "Bookkeeper". Son Edward (age 18) is working as "Lithographer" while daughter Florence (age 16) is also working, though handwritten description of occupation is not legible.

Click on the following links for timeline and description of events during life of Michael Mann (4 pages) and Lillian (Mackie) Mann;

Note: Per 1900 US Census, John Edward Mackie was born in 1858 (not 1856 as listed on page for Lillian)

As noted in the 1920 US census, Michael was working in an office ("Steno-office"). While working on Wall Street for Salmon Brothers & Hutzler, he met Lillian Mackie, also working on Wall Street for Goldman Sachs. They married in 1922.

Son James Joseph Mann (b1924) was born in Jersey City, indicating that Michael and Lillian may have been living with or near Lillian's parents. Vincent (b1926 as Donald Vincent) was born in New York City.

Micheal and Lillian moved to the Midland Beach area of Staten Island, New York City in 1928, to a house at 482 Ocean Promenade Boulevard (now Greely Avenue). This was very near where Michael's parents had also moved earlier (see above).

As the relative prosperity of the 1920s turned into the Great Depression, three more children were born in Midland Beach; Miriam Jean (1928), John Edward (1930) and Robert Joseph (1932).

Michael and Lillian moved to the New Dorp section of Staten Island in 1936, not far from Midland Beach. By 1938, Michael was working as an insurance agent on Staten Island for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

In late 1941, just before the US entered World War II, the family moved to 65 Bryant Ave in New Dorp. Soon after moving, Lillian died suddenly of a heart attack, at the much-too-early age of 45.

First-born son Jim Mann & mom Lillian Mann on vacation in Keansburg, NJ, 1925.

Per John E "Jack" Mann, the family traveled to Keansburg by regular ferry boat from Staten Island.

Mann kids, circa 1935 in rowboat

From left to right;

Standing in back; Vincent & Jim

On the oars in front; Jack, Miriam & Bob

Upper photo

Michael Mann (left) with friend in Asbury Park; 1922

Middle photo

Michael Mann (right) with friends

Lower photo

Michael Mann (right) with friends in Atlantic City; July 26, 1925

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